Some testimonials from our customers:

“Given that South Africa has one of the highest crime rates in the world and probably the biggest per-capita security industry in the world, we at CrimeStop believe that the Inferno Intenso products, both sound deterrents and strobe light deterrents have great potential in limiting loss and managing personal safety. We believe that the key benefit to these unique products is that they respond to an intruder situation and make the protected environment hostile, without risk to the occupants and are not simply alarm signals to security or police. We are confident that these products will find ready acceptance in the Southern Africa.

Mark Adcock, Take Control Energy, South Africa

“After receiving and testing our first demo unit, we ourselves were so astonished and scared that even feared to get close to the switched-off product for a while! It looked like a wild lion to us, even when slept. The experience of hearing an Intenso ® sound in action is unforgettable… We are so sorry for the burglars and intruders! ”

Kaveh Gharb, Executive Team, IRAN

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